Let's Work Together to Create a Sweet and Healthy World

I love working with brands 

As an international pastry chef and influencer, I love working with brands and companies to help them show off their products and inspire bakers and pastry chefs to use them. My expertise is working with companies in USA + MEXICO in English and Spanish.

I have worked with brands such as: Starbucks Mexico, Bulletproof, Stir Sweetener, Whole Foods, The Date Lady, Republica del Cacao, Barry Callebaut, The Teff Company, Naturelo. My recipes have been featured on popular international food platforms such as Bulletproof, EduK, Kiwilimon, El Gourmet Mexico, Revista Mujer, Cocina Fácil, Austin Food Magazine, Austin Woman, KitchenAid LATAM, Central Market, Whole Foods, Natural Epicurean, Natural Gourmet Institute and The Feed Feed.

The many ways we can engage


 Recipe Development: Enhancing your product is my expertise. I have done recipe development for over 25 years for companies such as Barry Callebaut. I would love to work with you and your brand to create unique and healthy recipes that will highlight your product! This can look like a: recipe card, a sponsored blog post, Facebook Live video, a recipe on your product.HERE is an example.I would love to showcase your food and/or products through beautiful photos that can be used on your website, magazines, guest blog posts, editorials, or across social media channels.

 Brand Ambassadorship: As an influencer, I have spent 26 years curating products and representing brands that I am passionate about! Cultivating long term win/win relationships, aimed to promote your products with different resources such as recipe development, sponsored posts, social media promotion is something that I love.

I am a results oriented person and strive to create measurable results that convert to more sales, more traffic on your social media, loyal engagement, training customers on how to use your products. If you think your brand would be a good fit for me and my community of healthy bakers, then let’s chat! I am sure my bakers would love your product.

 Events and food trade shows: I have been featured as the best healthy pastry chef  in Mexipan (the best pastry + baking trade show in LATAM) in 2016. I have worked with companies such as the National Sunflower Seed Association, Clabber Girl teaching seminars and demos and as a technical advisor visiting companies such as Sams, Kraft, Costco, Walmart, McCormick + Nestle.


Sponsored Posts: This can include a variety of things such as: recipe development with food photography, giveaways, or a sponsored blog post to promote your brand.

Launching your product: Interested in growing your audience? You want to share your product with the world, but don’t know how to launch your product to the right target market and get an engaged audience? Let’s have a consultation and I will teach you how I have done this with tangible results. I offer  3-6 months work projects. Making my clients company grow is what I love to do. Get in touch to find out more! I believe the best way to do this is over a phone conversation.

Giveaways: Want to share you product with my bakers? Feel free to contact me. If I love it, I will host a giveaway with other key opinion leaders (KOL’s)

Private classes:  I love traveling and teaching and have been hired to teach at amazing schools like Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. 

Consulting: I have over 25 years of experience doing recipe development for bakeries, coffee shops, gourmet stores, hotels and restaurants creating recipes that became top sellers. If you want me to create a line of healthy pastries just send me an email. (link to contact form) so that we can set up a free 15 min conversation. I customize every consulting project so every project is made to order so that it suits your concept, business model, companies needs and budget. Please note: I don’t send quotes via email.

Other:  If you have something different in mind, please let me know. Feel free to Contact me, I would love to hear your vision!