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Why would a hypoglycemic want to be a pastry chef?

Seems crazy since I need to be so particular with my diet.

But I knew I wanted to cook and bake my way around the world, the minute I opened my mom's Joy of Cooking when I was just seven. I simply love food. I also love feeling healthy and vibrant. A future without swoon-worthy chocolate brownies was absolutely unacceptable. Do you know what I mean?

My culinary degrees and professional experiences have guided me into some of the most exclusive kitchens in the world: 

  • Starbucks Corporate
  • The Mexican Embassy in Vienna
  • Chocolate Maven
  • The French Pastry School
  • Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy
  • Whole Foods
  • Central Market
  • Natural Epicurean

I believe delicious pastry can be good for you. My dietary limitations as a hypoglycemic combined with my desire to eat luxuriously depend upon it.

Over the years I have created, tested, and perfected amazing recipes in my bakery and test kitchens. Now I travel the world, sharing my knowledge of healthy baking with culinary schools, businesses, restaurants, and people who desire to bake with healthy ingredients without compromising taste or texture. The results feel magical...

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What My Clients Say

A great pleasure to work with...

Vanessa’s support in developing the Pastry and Baking Certificate for the Universidad de Turismo y Ciencias Administrativas was fundamental for its success. Vanessa guided us with her valuable experience, through the enriching path of academics. Her great training is aligned with her unique values and for me and my team it was a great pleasure to work with her. 
Lic. María Elena Torruco  |  Universidad de Turismo y Ciencias Administrativas

Inspirational Curriculum...

Chef Vanessa Musi courageously brings her story and vision to our Health-Supportive Baking and Decisions of a Conscious Chef, and Culinary Business classes at The Natural Epicurean. The students are encouraged by her drive and intention, and our staff and faculty are honored to work along side her and her inspirational curriculum.  
Gretchen Upshaw  |  Director, The Natural Epicurean Academy

Fundamental to our launch...

Vanessa was a fundamental part in launching Noisette. Her ideas and creations as a chef helped me crystallize many of the objectives that my team and I had. Thanks to her professionalism and dedication, we were able to design our menu in record time for the inauguration which was a great success!
Vanessa Serrano  |  President, Noisette

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