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I have looked everywhere for a clean protein powder that actually tastes good (no stevia or whey thanks!) I tested so many brands and they were chalky, grainy or full of weird ingredients like stevia, maltodextrin, dextrose, whey, or sucralose. This is a pea protein that bakes very well, works great in smoothies and ice creams. You may not love the flavor plain but who eats plain protein powder anyways.

Nuzest makes this amazing award winning vegan pea protein and I like mine plain no added anything.. I get their JUST NATURAL also check out their vanilla or chocolate.

Benefits and highlights:

Premium European Golden Pea Protein Powder. Natural and free from all common allergens. A totally refreshing, delicious and nutritious drink – just add water!

  • 19-21 grams of protein per 25 gram serving (79%-84% protein depending on flavor)
  • Very Low Fat and Carbs. Less than 1/2 gram of fat, only 2 grams or less of carbs
  • Vegan, Dairy Free, Soy Free, GMO Free & Gluten Free
  • No added sugar (less than 1/4 gram naturally occurring)


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