Thermomix TM6

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The NEW Thermomix TM6 is here! And it is amazing truly! 20 functions make this cooking food processor life changing. From blending, sous vide, to kettle (heating water to 98 F for baby bottles to boiling water for pasta and tea), to fermentation, slow cooking, pulverizing, shredding, steaming, scaling, making doughs and rice.

I have already used it 3 times and can’t wait for mine to arrive in August.

Updates on the TM5 are:

A more precise scale measuring 1 gram  minimum.

Larger screen

Direct access to cookidoo (that is the 40,000 recipe database from Thermomix) on the screen with guided recipes you can easily follow).

Higher temperature cooking for caramelization.

Ideal settings for fermentation and making yogurt.

Kettle (for precise temperature).

The machine is also more silent !

1 review for Thermomix TM6

  1. Vanessa Musi

    I would definitely buy the new Thermomix it is by far my favorite cooking appliance and I love the updates, precise scale, fermentation, caramelization, new measuring cup fixed on the lid, the larger screen with access to cookidoo recipes you can easily search and follow. Very impressed.

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