Make any recipe from scratch from pizza sauce to pizza dough, scones, whipped cream, soups, rice to any batter or cookie dough. You can cook a full meal in different levels (make rice, steamed veggies and cook fish in 20 mins). I love it for making my life simple and super efficient while I clean the kitchen or do anything. Go to this link to shop: (US only). It will ask for your consultant which is 111351. You have 6 months interest free if you pay with Paypal. Please send me any questions or if you need any additional information. Don’t miss my Scone recipe made in Thermomix.


I have used Thermomix for 13 years and now I am an official consultant!  It is an essential part of my baking classes, workshops and I use it to cook my family meals every day! From pasta sauce to gluten free breads to my favorite scones! It is a cooking food processor that simplifies your cooking process: saving you time, $ and energy plus cooking healthier! And you can make your own ingredients: from almond milk to nut butters to almond flour. It’s stainless steel so making hot soups and cooking is safe and there is no plastic involved. Buy yours here:


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