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Online Course: Keto Carrot Cake (English)

This amazing Keto Carrot Cake took me years to develop.  My husband is a self described Carrot Cake "connoisseur" and put the bar up really high for me. 

I was able to meet his standard after many many tries.  Now I'm delighted to be able to bring this rich, moist, and downright delicious Keto Carrot Cake recipe to you. 

You're gonna love it!

Course Contents

  • Detailed video where Chef Vanessa Musi will walk you through every step of the recipe.  Unlimited and lifetime access.
  • Downloadable recipes in PDF format.
  • Q&A section online where you can ask the Chef any question you might have about the recipe.


  • Carrot Cake: Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Keto-Friendly


  • Horno (de convección de preferencia)
  • Charola (perforada de preferencia)
  • Batidora
  • Báscula Digital
  • Espátula
  • Bowl